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Bulletin No. 10

End October 2000

After the General Meeting on 11th September

Time has passed

The original Draft Development Framework ("DDF") plans have been "Set Aside"

So we’ve won then?
Not yet we haven’t!!

So What’s Going on – What is CWC up to

The Waterfront News Letter

The Mori Poll

The Consultation Process

The "Shopping Centres" Meeting

Simon Hughes’s Newsletter

CWC Office Organisation

CWC - our needs

  • Money
  • People that can spare time to handle administration and other organisational needs (posting leaflets etc.)
  • And your continuing support
  • I hope this helps – any queries please contact either the office at Time & Talents or CWC direct via Email.
Please give as much as you can to help protect and enhance the character of our area 5 would be great or even a little bit more if you can manage it.

A “Donation Box” will be kept for receiving donations whether by hand or by post (cash and cheques) at “CWC’s Campaign Office” (c/o Time & Talents Association, The Old Mortuary, St. Marychurch Street, Rotherhithe, London SE16 4JE).

All cheques, preferably “crossed”, for the benefit of CWC should be made payable to “Time & Talents Association (CWC)”.


David Brunskill, 1 November 2000

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