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Bulletin No. 18
Consultative Forum meeting 15 May 2001
We have received the following letter and papers for the next Consultative Forum meeting:

Direct telephone:
Direct fax:
020-7525 – 5538
020-7525 – 5329
Stephen Platts
9 May, 2001

To whom it may concern,

Please find enclosed the Agenda and attachments for discussion regarding the second meeting of the Canada Water Consultative Forum, to be held at 7:00pm on the 15th May 2001, at the Alfred Salter School, Quebec Way, Rotherhithe. The further papers referred to in the Agenda will be circulated prior to the meeting if possible, otherwise will be available at the meeting.

We look forward to your attendance on the 15th May 2001.

Yours sincerely,
Stephen J Platts
For Southwark Property

Topic Paper supplement
Minutes of Development Working Group Meeting

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