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Bulletin No. 2

Press Contact - Southwark News.
Please see attached and my response

Attn Chris Mullany

We spoke
Letter with all my contact details follows
Please quote the campaign Email address

We are more than happy to give constructive comment as regards the regeneration of Canada Water. However we are strongly against proposals to fill in Canada Water and destroy its wildlife habitat.

Any development should be sympathetic to the existing environment.

We don't want "Croydonisation" of Canada Water!!


David Brunskill

>From: "Newsdesk"
>Reply-To: "Newsdesk"
>To: "David Brunskill"
>Subject: Re: Canada Water 2nd Wave Regeneration - Report on Public Meeting 6th July
>Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 10:24:10 +0100
>Dear Mr Brunskill,
>Many thanks for your email.
>We had someone at the meeting reporting, and will be running a piece on it
>this Thursday.
>I would be more than happy to include a comment from yourself if you should
>so wish. Please let me know (020 7231 5258).
>Many thanks,
>Chris Mullany

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