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Bulletin No. 23


Daily Mail Group are planning to build a lorry park on the vacant land at Roberts Close. As part of the process they also want to remove all restrictions on the gate that opens onto Quebec Way. This is all part of a plan to increase printing activity on the site and transfer office staff from Kensington.

A number of local groups – including the Canada Water Community Group, Alfred Salter School and the Safer Routes to Schools Campaign are opposed to the Roberts Close and Quebec Way plans because of:

We welcome the increased economic activity that the expansion will bring to Rotherhithe. But we are also objecting to the overall scale of development which we think will bring spill over parking into adjacent residential areas.

The plans have been submitted to Southwark Planners. After strong representations from the community the plans have been deferred for more consultation and to "resolve the community concerns". We now hope that more constructive consultation can take place and alternative plans can be drawn up which would have the support of the community whilst still meeting the Daily Mail Group’s business needs.


Attend any public meetings. Support any activity within local schools and other groups.

Come to the next Canada Water Group Committee meeting (where we will discuss the issues in depth ) at July at Alfred Salter School.

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Keep an eye on our website: and send objections to

Adrian Dennis, Team Leader, Development Control, L.B.Southwark,
Council Offices, Portland Street, London, SE17 2ES.

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