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Bulletin No. 3


An invitation to an open evening by the Labour Group on the London Borough of Southwark Council has just been received by some residents.


These are exciting times for the Party and the people of Southwark..........We have major regeneration schemes IN PROGRESS in Peckham, the Elephant & Castle, the Aylesbury, Bermondsey Spa and CANADA WATER.'

(our emphasis )

It goes on 'we are keen to make sure that you know about and understand these changes so that you can help us to make them work. You may already be actively involved in your local community and we want to make sure we have your input so that the Council addresses the issues that are important to local people.............

this will be a real opportunity to make sure we get things right leading up to the next election'

The words 'in progress' and 'know about and understand these changes' coupled with the inclusion of Canada Water rather contradict what we were told at the public meeting last Thursday - that no decisions have been made.

It may just be unfortunate drafting of the wording of the invitation.

However from a "Canada Water Campaign" viewpoint we believe that:

A number of people have already offered their time and skills to keep this issue live and to ensure that residents are aware of and can positively contribute to and comment on proposals as and when they are made. Other organisations have expressed interest in joining an umbrella group.

All offers of help will be gratefully received.

David Brunskill

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