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17th September 2001




David Brunskill (DB) Lisa Hollamby (LH) Gary Glover (GG)

Cllr Lancashire (CSL) Cllr Partridge (CDP) Noel Ashton (NA)

Conrad Hollingsworth (CH) Joanna Dawson (JD) Simon Phippen (SP)

Ian Owers (IO) Simon Hodge (SH) Jeff Hook (CJH)

Mark Cronshaw (MC) Janet Hodge (JH) Adam Faulkner (AF)

Alastair Macalpine (AM) Cllr Blango (CCB)

Pascale Rosenbloom (PR) Peter Brooks (PB)

APOLOGIES Danny McCarthy, Pauline Adenwalla

ACTION POINT – AF to co-ordinate the completion of Topic Papers for the end of October.

ACTION POINT – AF to make final arrangements for Site Visit, 6th October.

ACTION POINT – AF to arrange for a written brief from planning department re Sites D & E.

Meeting opened by chair

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the last meeting were noted and agreed.

Matters Arising

No matters arising from the Minutes

Planning Applications – Sites D & E

Discussion on applications, JH wanted to know if the planners are encouraging the higher building. As there were no planners available at the meeting, NA explained that the planners seemed to prefer the taller building, however he did suggest that if, by reducing the height of the building by say 3 storeys, resulted in the application having the support of the Forum, then they would seriously consider it.

Masterplanning Exercise

Comments made with regard to sites D & E moving forward with planning before an agreed masterplan was in place. NA explained that as far as he was concerned, assuming Surrey Quays Road remains as it is, sites D & E have always been separated from the other sites A, B &C. And further that it was decided that the uses for these sites should be Residential on site D and site E should be commercial. Some members of the Forum disagreed that this was an established position.

IO supported the argument that it would be more ideal for these sites to wait, but that the Forum should be able to use these sites to sort through the issues.

Youth Involvement

PR provided an update to the Forum. There is currently a project being held at Bede which will act as a pilot for future projects.

PR emphasised that there are safety issues when running projects, both for particpants and workers.

Two or three CWCF members have suggested that youth forums are the appropriate way to move the consultation process forward. PR agreed that they had worked elsewhere, but that establishing such a project to look exclusively at Canada water would not be a legitimate use of council resources. Several councillors are investigating the appropriacy and feasibility of establishing a youth forum for the peninsula as a whole. PR has spoken to them and should they be successful, they are happy to include Canada Water in their programme.

Further comments from GG regarding how they solved a youth problem on their estate by taking the kids paint-balling if they did not continue to vandalise. It worked for them.

Steve Mumford was introduced to the meeting and suggested that the return of these questionnaires could be built into the reward system they are about to release for good behaviour in the borough. May be a way to get the youth involved and get their ideas.

Consultation Discussion

Negotiations with consultants are ongoing. PR reiterated her invitation to all members to contribute to the framing of all consultation exercises.

Topic Papers

Discussed each of the Topic Papers briefly, it was decided that AF should go about arranging further meetings for those groups who feel they need it. The meeting decided that the Topic papers should be in a final draft form by 30 October, for discussion at the Campaign meeting and for discussion at the next Forum meeting.

JH suggested that the Forum meets specifically to discuss and finalise the Topic Papers, this was generally accepted as a good suggestion and Topic Papers should be the first item on the next agenda, and that agenda should be as minimal as possible.

The Forum specifically sought information on the transport topic paper, AF to report back from consultants with regard to the preparation of that paper.

Admin Support Progress

IO confirmed he has a letter from head of Regen and Strategy confirming the allocation for the Admin Staff. Advertisements will be in the press on Wednesday and Thursday, shortlisting should be complete on the 3rd October, interviews on the 9th October, anyone wanting to attend the interviews are to contact IO.

CSL confirmed with regard to the time frames for funding that the figures have been included in budgets for 2002/3.

The Southwark Plan

Georgia Henderson presented the current position with regard to the Southwark Plan, comments made with regard to the mail out process and that a lot of residents are being missed. JH insisted on a delivery to every door approach.

Comments by CDP and GG with regard to the basis for the Southwark plan was not in line with the Forum vision statement. CSL pointed out that the Forum does not have the monopoly when it comes to what approach the Southwark Plan will take, it is but one of the pressures that needs to be considered in the plan.

Georgia confirmed the timing for consultation through to 30 November and then drafting for first deposit will continue until Mar 2002.


  • Site Visit date for 6th October, AF to email the Forum members in the first instance to find out who is interested in coming. LH made a suggestion with regard to bringing children along to see how they feel about the area as well. The suggestion was welcomed, SH to talk to a few people and see what interest there is in going along.

    Newsletter, again PR asked for any assistance from the Forum with regard to preparing articles or editing or any other involvement. People who want to provide something for inclusion into the newsletter need to let PR know by the end of the week. PR to send around email to that effect.

    Leisure services update – no-one present to give update on Canada Water maintenance. Forum was generally disappointed after specific request for officer support that there was no attendance at the meeting.

  • Next meeting date 19th November 2001, 7:00pm

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