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Bulletin No. 4

Key points

  1. The Canada Water Campaign has formally commenced – see attached minutes.
  2. The next meeting will be at 1900 on Thursday 10th August and all those wishing to support the campaign are warmly invited. It will be at the Surrey Docks Watersports Centre, Rope Street SE16 on the south side of Greenland Dock.
  3. The Rotherhithe Millenium Festival is being held on Sunday 20th August. That day will be very appropriate to communicate the aims of the group, get further feedback from residents who would not have been at the public meeting and create awareness of the threat to Canada Water.
  4. A report was drafted by council officers and submitted to the London Borough of Southwark Cabinet Meeting on 24th July. The Cabinet member responsible for Regeneration, Steve Lancashire made it clear that proposals contained within the report did not have Council Approval. Plans are being made for a detailed consultation process between September and December this year. But the report includes:
  • In the public meeting on the 6th July, the items outlined above: high density, destruction of the Canada Water Wildlife habitat and the sheer scale of the developments were those most strongly rejected by residents. We were surprised that Council Officers should persist with them in their report to Cabinet. We are not convinced that elected councillors and corporation officers are singing from the same hymn sheet.

    However there is further commitment to a consultation process and we in the Canada Water Campaign look forward to taking part.


  • 10th August Come to the meeting. Be involved in your community, help save the habitat and achieve plans for Canada Water that we, our children and our grandchildren can be proud of.


    David Brunskill

    24th July 2000

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