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Meeting No. 3, 1930 Monday 11th September 2000

Alfred Salter School, Quebec Way, London SE16 1LF


David Brunskill chairs meeting

David Brunskill addressed the meeting. Those attending were asked to indicate how they had picked up information about the development. Number of those present indicate not yet fully aware of the history of the development proposals.

History and DDP outlined High density development . Five times the size of Bluewater. Public meeting of 6th July rejected the DDP overwhelmingly. Other

ideas had come out of the meeting- community uses for the vacant land etc.

As a result of the plans a number of people had got together to see what could be done and much had been achieved - publicity, leafleting, all councillors been written to to ask they reject the filling in of Canada Water.

The CWC was not yet an effective mass movement with the necessary resources to find out what people actually wanted. The structures of the organisation had yet to be formulated. Have to show represent the community.

64 people at last meeting, 250-300 attending this one.

Proposed and seconded from floor that minutes of last meeting on 10th August be adopted - AGREED


Hugh Closs reported on publicity. There had been considerable leafleting carried out. The main function was to spread the word widely. Leafleting had been carried out at the Rotherhithe Festival and also directly through doors.

There had been much publicity in particular in local papers. Breakthrough had come with an article in the Independent. Councillor Elsie had visited the area and been on London tonight as had members of the campaign. Will keep the press up to date.

Gary Glover reorted on the meeting with Council Officers on 4th September. Took officers around the area, Then went to Time and Talents for a discussion. Said would not fill in the dock if residents did not want it filled in, Council said would put the DDP aside Another meeting will be taking place with the officers.

Number of questions posed to the meeting Should CWC be a pressure group and a campaigning group? Or should CWC be ‘in partnership’ with the Council ?


David Brunskill was congratulated on saving Canada Water but he pointed out it was not quite saved yet.

There was then a general discussion at the meeting in which a number of points were made by speakers.


Should be involved with the Council but not too closely.

Need more information from Southwark

David - are open doors from LBS in terms of having a consultation process.


In talking with Southwark all minutes should be signed and circulated.

Number of speakers emphasised that the canal and dock had gone downhill in terms of maintenance and were in a poor condition Suggested that Southwark were systematically running this area down. Keep it same as before but better.

Janet Hodge - Souhwark cant say have no money for maintenance and repair. They are under a statutory duty to keep the docks and walkways in good order by virtue of the Public open Spaces Act 1906. They were in breach of Statutory duty.

SIMON HUGHES addresses meeting. Says this meeting timely. Talked about LDDC and how it managed to achieve communication via the London Docklands Forum Important to brief people on the Council’s duties and responsibilities.

In any development need facilities for the young or get vandalism and crime.

LBS currently looking at devolved decision making pilot schemes and are looking for areas to bid. There is a good case for saying should be in this area. There is a natural community in this peninsular.

LBS could not afford to have pilot schemes fail.


Further general discussion at meeting.

Some criticism of Surrey Docks Forum under LDDC. Frequently ignored local people.

David Brunskill- have made it clear consultation must be a whole process. Have to consider adjacent areas like Albion Street. Need to consider traffic planning.

Emma Wilson from Planning Aid introduced and addresses meeting

Discussion concerning appointment of temporary officers and using draft constitution as a basis for proceeding.

Meeting agreed the following as temporary officers

David Brunskill summarises

meeting closes.


This meeting will cover

1. Introduction and background

2. Approve minutes of meeting No. 2, 10th August

3. Matters Arising

3.1 Report on the leafletting campaign, the letter to councillors

3.2 The meeting with council officers (4th September)

3.3 Community support at this stage. Media involvement.

4. The legal processes we have to go through to be effective.

5. Constitution for adoption (draft attached) and election of Officers for new committee.

The following have been nominated by the steering committee for consideration.

Other names may be proposed, seconded and voted on as appropriate.

6. Next meeting, Any other business.

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