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Bulletin No. 9


It costs money to fight a Campaign

The Canada Water Campaign ("CWC") has made great strides in the past four months to get Southwark Council to listen to the people of Surrey Quays and improve the quality of life for those who live and work within it. The Draft Development Framework, which unless challenged would have filled in Canada Water and created a new high density town centre has now been shelved.

Now we must work even harder to get the development that local people want. It will take time, which the Steering Committee members and supporters will give freely. But it also costs money.

For example, a leaflet campaign costs 80 for the paper alone and a "surftime" internet subscription costs 5.99 per month. Running a creche at our public meetings - where we would have to employ two properly qualified staff will cost 24 each time. We are accommodated rent free at "Time and Talents" but need to make some contribution to telephones, photocopying, postage and other office costs incurred on CWC's behalf.

The Steering Committee has decided against a membership subscription because nobody should be excluded from voicing their opinions. There is no sign of any public funding at present, private donations are all we have to finance our activities.

Please give as much as you can to help protect and enhance the character of our area and to improve the quality of life for those who live and work within it. A donation of 5 per person or household would be great and a little bit more if you can manage it.

A "Donation Box" will be kept for receiving donations whether by hand or by post (cash and cheques) at "CWC’s Campaign Office" (c/o Time & Talents Association, The Old Mortuary, St. Marychurch Street, Rotherhithe, London SE16 4JE). All cheques, preferably "crossed", for the benefit of CWC should be made payable to "Time & Talents Association (CWC)".

We are very conscious that any donations must be properly accounted for and subject to stringent financial controls. Our detailed "interim funding, finance policy and procedures" proposal documents were discussed and accepted by the Steering Committee on 4 October 2000 and they are available for inspection by Donors at "CWC’s Campaign Office" by prior arrangement.

There were Steering Committee Meetings on 20 September 2000 and 4 October 2000.

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