Sunday 2nd September 2001


Sunday 20 August 11:30 am to 5:00 pm

Opening Ceremony by the Mayor of Southwark
11:30 am Surrey Quays Shopping Centre

Take a Free "Ticket to Ride"
Visit local attractions
Free of charge

Children's Treasure Trail

Rotherhithe Village Fete

Free Routemaster Bus

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Local Attractions: Seven Islands Leisure Centre Surrey Docks Farm
Surrey Quays Shopping Centre Youth Hostel Association St Mary's Church
The Pumphouse Lavender Pond Waterside Arts Co-operative Time and Talents
Rotherhithe Picture Library Action For Blind People Brunel Engine House

Surrey Quays Shopping Centre Free Bus Stop 1 (return to attractions)

Catch the special bus service for any of the Festival attractions at the side of Tesco's. Pop into the Centre and enjoy the music of the Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band or meet Denby the electronic Robot.
Sunday hours: 11 am - 5 pm. Surrey Quays Shopping Centre Web Page

Action for Blind People Free Bus Stop 1 (return to attractions)

Visit our stand at the shopping centre and find out about the work of this national charity based locally. We will also be offering the chance to walk on fire or parachute to raise funds for us.

Surrey Docks Farm Free Bus Stop 3 (return to attractions)

  • Open House
  • Bread Festival
  • Outdoor Oven
  • Baking & Eating
  • Mural Unveiling
  • Puppet Making
  • Story Telling
  • Live Music

Surrey Docks Farm
Web Page

The Pumphouse, Lavender Pond Free Bus Stop 4 (return to attractions)

  • Open House
  • Special 1950's Exhibition
  • The story of Rotherhithe
    through artefacts from
    Roman times to the present

The Pumphouse
Web Page

Youth Hostel Association Free Bus Stop 5 (return to attractions)

  • Open House
  • Pick up free membership to the YHA for one year

Youth Hostel Association
Web Page

Rotherhithe Village Fete Free Bus Stops 6 or 7 (return to attractions)

Saint Mary's Church
Time & Talents Association
Rotherhithe Picture Library
Waterside Arts Co-operative

  • Open Houses
  • Music, Jazz, Tea Dance
  • Line Dancing Demonstration
  • Children's Games and Displays
  • Teddy Bears Picnic
  • Stocks
  • History and Guided Tours
    of the Church
  • Bell Ringing
  • Theatre presentations
  • Market Stalls
  • Tombolla and Raffle
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Refreshments,
    BBQ, Tea & Cakes
  • Bar
  • Tai Chi Demonstration

Saint Mary's Church
Web Page

Time & Talents
Web Page

Rotherhithe Picture Library
Web Page

Brunel Engine House Free Bus Stops 6 or 7 (return to attractions)

Enter into the Victorian world of drama and dilemma! Enjoy this special episode of how "SouthEastEnders" live. An antique couple from Rotherhithe will show how they lived and fought at the time of Queen Victoria. Booing and hissing highly recommended. Brunel Engine House Web Page

Seven Islands Leisure Centre Free Bus Stop 8 (return to attractions)

  • Open House
  • Body Conditioning Aerobics
  • Martial Arts Displays
    (Karate, Tae Kwan Do)
  • Khai Bo Aerobics Master class
  • 50+ Exercise Class
  • Reebok Spin Cycle classes
  • Aqua Aerobics Master class

Seven Islands
Web Page

Free Rotherhithe 2000 Bus (return to attractions)

Buses start at 12 noon from Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, then about every 30 minutes until 5:00 pm.
A wheel chair accesible vehicle will follow the Routemaster bus.


  1. Surrey Quays Shopping Centre also for Action for Blind People
  2. Redriff Road, Onega Way for Russia Dock Woodland
  3. Salter Road, Downtown Road for Surrey Docks Farm
  4. Salter Road, Bywater Place for The Pumphouse, Lavender Pond
  5. Salter Road, Smith Close for Rotherhithe Youth Hostel
  6. Rotherhithe Station or
  7. Rotherhithe Tunnel for Rotherhithe Village Fete, Brunel Engine House, Rotherhithe Picture Library, Waterside Arts Co-operative, St. Mary's Church, Time & Talents Centre
  8. Canada Water bus stop "C" for Seven Islands Leisure Centre

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