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What is Time & Talents?

Time & Talents is a charity that has worked in Rotherhithe and Bermondsey in South East London since 1887 in the fields of community work, social action, education and recreation.

Who are the Friends of Time & Talents?

The Friends of Time & Talents was established in 1986 by Kit Russell OBE, supported by a loyal network of people committed to the ideals of the Association, in order to secure the Centre's continued existance.

Over 200,000 has been raised by the Friends since this date. A Bazaar has been held in prominent locations almost annually since 1880 and a Gift Fair is now held at the Hurlingham Club in West London.

Members of the former committee took a bold decision in 1999 to stand down in order to allow the organisation of the friends to be re-formed. Most had served since the Friends’ Association was formed by Kit Russell (and during that time raised the magnificent total of 295,801) and felt that it was time to hand over to a new generation of Friends. They even made the radical suggestion that no one over the age of 70 should serve on any future committee – but the under-70’s ensured that that motion was not carried!

Since then they have not been idle. The fundraising side of the committee’s work has been devolved to Emma Rose’s Hurlingham Organising Committee. Not content with planning for the Millennium Year Gift Fair to be the biggest and best yet, they are already making suggestions for additional events earlier in the year, from 2001 onwards. The Director and Administrator deal with membership matters and contact with the Friends centrally from the Centre. The Chairman Harriet Johns is currently working with Emma Rose to build a new team and structure that will both keep in touch with friends and create a sound base of support for the Association’s work for the future. If you would like more information, or can offer to help, please contact Harriet Johns or the Director. In the meantime, please send news and keep subscribing to "The Friends"!

How do the Friends help?

What do the Friends receive?

Become a Friend today

Please print and complete, then send to Time & Talents Centre, The Old Mortuary, St Marychurch Street, Rotherhithe, London SE16 4JE
Tel:  020-7231 7845    Fax: 020-7252 2288     (+4420- from outside the UK) 

E-mail: info@time-talents.demon.co.uk

Please enrol me as a Friend of Time & Talents

I enclose a cheque / cash / standing order (see below) for:

15     25          (minimum subscription 15 per year)
being my first annual subscription.



Standing Orders greatly reduce costs of administration. Please mark the box and complete the form in June 2000 newsletter if you can pay this way.

Stating that you are a UK taxpayer and wish to help Time and Talents benefit form the Gift Aid Scheme (see below) would make a big difference to the Association.



The Chancellor’s last budget introduced a major and positive change in tax-effective giving for charities. With effect from the beginning of April 2000, any donation made by a tax-payer to a charity, however small, whether one-off or repeated, whether cash, cheque or banker’s order can qualify for tax-relief under the Gift Aid scheme. This means that Time & Talents can reclaim from the Inland Revenue 28p for every 1 that you give, including donations made as subscriptions for membership of the Friends Association.

All you have to do is inform us that you are a UK tax-payer and would like to make your donation (and any future donations) under the Gift Aid Scheme. All we have to do is keep a record of the name, address and donation details for each Gift Aid donor and then periodically claim the tax en bloc. You do not even have to fill in a form. You may give the information over the telephone or via e-mail so please make the declaration that way if you would like to. However, we believe many will find it simpler to give a written declaration, and so we have included a form on page 7 of the June 2000 newsletter (reproduced above).

One final note: the new system means that covenants will be phased out as they expire. If you make donations by covenant and are not sure of the expiry date, please fill in the donation form in the newsletter in any case, to cover all eventualities. If you pay by Banker’s Order, you may still do so; it certainly helps Time & Talents to receive a regular income from such donations. If you wish to start making donations by Banker’s Order, we have included a separate form in the newsletter.

Note: this is a page for the Friends of Time & Talents produced because of its importance in the local community. If you have any comments or suggestions on this page (rather than Time & Talents), please sent them in. Any questions about the Friends of Time & Talents should go to the centre.  

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