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Bulletin 31




Held on Thursday, 10th January, 2002

7.00pm at Alfred Salter School (Room)


Present: David Brunskill (Chair)

Pauline Adenwalla Rev. Andrew Doyle Brian Hodge Janet Hodge Ian Owers Emma Williamson

Apologies: Martin Summersgill

Observers: Nicola Fagan Shirley Fahy

Administrator: Jackie Rose

Guest: Jay Hall (JAH) - Chair, Esmeralda Tenants & Residents Association (‘ETRA’)



DB welcomed guest Jay Hall (JAH) Chair of Esmeralda Tenants & Residents Association and JR was introduced to the Committee.

Minutes of previous meeting:

No major decisions other than to push items through. JH to liaise with JR and finish same.

Matters Arising:

(1) City Academy:

EW introduced Jay (JAH) who had already provided a copy of an independent report commissioned by ETRA into the suitability of Paterson Park as a site for the City Academy. DB outlined the current position of development proposed for Canada Water.

JAH briefed us on the action taken so far and suggested we make contact with Ken Livingstone asap via Giles Dolphin. JAH/ETRA will be opposing planning permission being granted at the Southwark Development meeting on 16/1 on the following grounds:

a) lack of consultation (he gave extensive examples), b) serious transport difficulties, c) loss of park/open space, etc and the site does not meet area requirements. ETRA do not oppose a secondary school in the Borough and actively welcome it and they would like to suggest that an investigation be made at Canada Water as to an alternative potential site.

The comment was made that earlier approaches on this issue had been ignored and JAH suggested writing to The Chief Executive (Bob Coomber) to voice concern over Southwark’s apparent unconstitutional behaviour.

The following motion was put:

CWC feel that whilst we acknowledge the desperate need for a new secondary school, Paterson Park is not a suitable site for a city academy and CWC therefore support the objections of local residents and tenants and residents associations in this regard.

CWC believes that Canada Water meets all criteria required and that locating the City Academy at Canada Water should be considered as an alternative along with any other sites matching the criteria and available in the Borough.

CWC feels that there has been insufficient study of alternatives to Paterson Park. Accordingly, we hold the strong view that no decision should be taken before such a study is carried out and made available to the public. For this reason we request that the application be deferred for decision at a later date.


EW was asked to draft a letter to the GLA and Jay suggested Giles Dolphin formally advising that we opposed the Paterson Park location and suggesting that an investigation be made into the suitability of Canada Water. JR would assist where required.

(2) Future meeting cycles:

IO was concerned that a great deal of important business needs to be attended and meetings should be scheduled so that we are ready/pro-active. This will enable meetings to be well attended by the community for us to get feedback and we can then be sure we are get opinion from all concerned. There may even be a need for more open meetings. A number of dates were scheduled and they are listed on the final page of the Minutes.

Site D:

DB reported that decision given in favour of development appears to breach Southwark UDP recommendations. Large family units would not be built and landscaping lost and height (9 stories overlooking 4) breaches guidelines. This may give as an outside chance of matter being automatically referred to GLA. Decided that DB/PA/EW would urgently draft letter to Ken Livingstone (via Giles Dolphin, Strategy Development Team). PA felt clause requiring retail units to close at 7.00pm will severely limit type of shops and worst fear was that they would lay boarded up only to be turned over to housing at a later date. Creche also appears to have been lost.

Site E:

JH concerned that if Southwark could break UDP on Site D nothing to prevent same happening with other sites, particularly sight lines etc. JAH suggested taking our concerns to Giles Dolphin at GLA as he would be concerned GLA guidelines not being adhered to. GD also seemed keen to work with voluntary groups from the borough and following any initial approach, the matter would be designated to an offer to investigate and report to KL. If a report does come before Mayor he has an obligation to write to Southwark Council. DB asked that EW revisit this subject and investigate whether there has been a breach even though deadline on Site D objections exceeded, both developments would have significant impact on community.

NF advised that cumulative impact of the two buildings at same time is of relevance and that a proper environmental study had still not been undertaken. Also stressed that NA has yet to produce transport impact report – proposed plan suggests 3,000 possible jobs with 25 car parking spaces.

DB in conjunction with BH/MS had been working on 3 minute presentation for Wednesday’s council meeting. All felt valuable experience gained from attending previous hearing (Site D). Agreed to incorporate the ‘cumulative change’, together with any additional comment/suggestion from EW. DB to present on behalf of CWC.

Site C:

Proposal to join two Decathlon sheds together. All felt pleasant view of Canada Water would be lost along with maturing perimeter trees/shrubbery but there seemed little that could be done. Although MW’s comments useful, Decathlon are not landowners and best we could do is ask them to incorporate small improvements. Café is to remain on water front but unattractive pay-tills would be re-sited to the face the dock too. Suggested that Decathlon be approached and ask to improve through route to UCI via BHS with upgrades such as lighting, landscaping, etc.

BH agreed to set up meeting with new manager to see what could be achieved. JH suggested it could be sited further back and PA agreed this might prevent so many trees being lost. New housing blocks appear to be sited right next to traffic lights so landscaping already lost here.

Decided unanimously to say nothing as we had no grounds to object. Decathlon want to remain in area and prospect of City Academy locating to Canada Water would have significant impact/benefit for them. DB suggested that Decathlon be invited to join the committee in capacity of Business Group User and committee agreed. BH would investigate and report.

Area 2

Meeting scheduled for Saturday, 23rd January (2.00-5.00 Beormund) which useful to attend.

Agreed DB would draft letter to GLA, circulated to committee for comment/approval. BH felt it worthwhile to request meeting with Paul Evans, new Head of Regeneration.

Built Environment:

The Committee were unhappy with aspects of NA’s paper where alternative terminology appeared to have been used, altering the context significantly. NA would be asked to redraft paper. In view of time constraints, it was agreed that JH/NF would produce a bullet paper and further discussion of this topic would be deferred until the next meeting Thursday, 31st January prior to the Forum meeting on Monday, 4th February, 2002.

Next Forum issues & agenda:

Currently waiting to hear from Steve Platts/Steve Lancashire with date for meeting to plan topics etc for Forum Meeting.

Volunteer Management:

IO suggested drink and nibbles be made available at the AGM and this was agreed as hopefully sufficient funds in budget. DB explained that tasks for volunteers needed to be defined so that we are proactive, ie design poster advertising AGM/other meetings, resurrect cootwatch etc. DB to liaise with IO/JR asap with planning and subject to confirmation preferred venue was Alfred Salter School Hall on Monday, 18th March.

Any other business:

(1)Urban Initiatives:

A letter had been received from Urban Initiatives advising of new instructions. DB pointed out that SP had mentioned this at the recent forum and asked if this subject should be added to topics for Forum. It was agreed it should be.

(2) Site E – Donald Hanciles

Letter dated 21/12/01 received 7/1/02 giving 14 days to object. Letter to be sent to objecting and referring to delayed notice.

DB asked that emails be copied to JR at


Forthcoming meeting dates:

Date Time Organisation Meeting topic Venue
23/1 7.00 Area 2 Forum#

Environmental Working Grp

Transport Planning Rotherhithe

Primary School

31/1 7.00 Canada Water Campaign

Committee (CWCC)

Bullet Built Environment

& Forum matters

Alfred Salter
2/2 2.00-


Area 2 Forum

(Bermondsey & Rotherhithe)2

"Have your Say!" Beormund
4/2 7.00 Canada Water Campaign

Consultative Forum

Forum Alfred Salter
13/2 12.30-


Bermondsey & Rotherhithe

Development Partnership*

Local issues Rotherhithe


6/3 7.00 CWCC Campaign matters Alfred Salter
18/3 7.00 Canada Water Campaign Annual General Meeting Alfred Salter
8/5 7.00 CWCC Campaign matters Time & Talents
3/7 7.00 CWCC Campaign matters Time & Talents
18/9 7.00 CWCC Campaign matters Time & Talents
6/11 7.00 CWCC Campaign matters Time & Talents

#please contact Jenny Wingate on for information

*please contact Jackie Rose @ Time & Talents if you are interested in BRDP matters


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