The pages here show some of the initial history of the campaign to save the dock at Canada Water in Rotherhithe, largely in 2000-2002. That was a great success, and the campaign has moved on the more complex issue of development around the dock. The pages here are kept as being of historical interest, though some of the information is out of date and many of the links are broken. For the latest news and the campaign , go to the current Canada Water Campaign site at

Canada Water Campaign

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Canada Water is going to be the centre of 400 million plus of development.    

The community aspiration is for a "Low, Clean and Green" waterside village, preserving and enhancing the attractions of Canada Water itself but also becoming a community focus rather than a barren set of car parks. The community - through the Canada Water Campaign - has been fighting hard to preservew the dock and to prevent overdevelopment while achieving the community facilities - whether library, health centre or police station - that are badly needed. 

Join the debate, keep close to the action, come to the meetings.

Contact: Jackie Rose, Time and Talents, St. Marychurch Street, London SE16 4JE
Tel: 020 7231 7845 or Email:

Map of Rotherhithe peninsula showing Canada Water

There were draft plans to fill in Canada Water, scrap the car parks at Surrey Quays, construct over 500,000 square metres of office, residential and retail buildings, shift the bus station, build an new road, and create a "town centre" - though whether it would be like Barcelona or Croydon was not clear. The dock itself now seems to be safe but question of how the land around might be redeveloped is still open. getmapping photo around Canada Water

Campaign Vision:

The Canada Water Campaign is committed to the following:

  • Sensitive development of the Canada Water area preserving natural attraction to wildlife whilst acting as a waterside village centre and a focus for the community.
  • Welcoming development which will enhance the Canada Water area’s attraction as a pleasant residential area close to the centre of London with well maintained parks, water features, gardens and community facilities for young and old alike.
  • Supporting development directed towards a safer community and at social inclusion of areas adjacent to Canada Water, in particular those surrounding Albion Street and Lower Road.
  • Promoting creation of the infrastructure which will reduce local traffic congestion and improve access to the Canada Water area.
  • Rejecting high density town centre or intensive high rise office development proposals which would adversely impact on the above.

Discussions with the council have now led to drafts of a detailed Master Development Brief (MDB) and associated Planning and Design Principles Technical Appendices (PDPTA) having been produced.   After substantial input from Canada Water Campaign members the MDB and PDPTA are currently in their 5th draft - but have not yet been agreed by the community.  

There will be opportunities to comment on these documents, to accept or reject them.   Please see the meetings schedule and attend when you can.  

If you are interested in saving Canada Water and can help, join the Canada Water Campaign and send your e-mail details to
or write to:   Canada Water Campaign
c/o Time & Talents Association, The Old Mortuary,
St. Marychurch Street, Rotherhithe, London SE16 4JE

Links: Southwark Council Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks, SE16
  Time & Talents Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Development Partnership

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Campaign Meetings:  
2000: 19 July   10 August   11 September; 2001: 20 March;
18 March 8 May
Discussions with LB Southwark
2000: 4 September   5 December
Consultative Forum
2001: 3 April 15 May 17 September 19 November 10 December
4 February 11 March
Civic Trust Meetings
2001: 27 & 29 October, 6 November
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Newpapers: (IOS)
"So you thought Bluewater was big ..."
"Docklands wildlife 'risk' "

Southwark Development Brief for Downtown (around Surrey Docks Health Centre and Redriff School)

Canada Water Group Constitution

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