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Bulletin No. 36

Report to Members

18 March 2002

“Cannes and Confusion” Report to Members

In the General Meeting on 20th March 2001

We got a constitution finalised

Officers appointed

The “Vision” adopted

Progress with your Campaign

Forum constituted and meetings held.

Focus Groups have produced topic papers on the main issues affecting Canada Water Regeneration from a Community View.

Co-ordinator funded by Southwark and now working in “Time and Talents” to support the community. - Jackie Rose is already making a major contribution.

A number of wins - and some failures - in our fight to get acceptable development in the area.

Activity on Sites

Daily Mail building - failure. But some community benefits achieved.

Site D - Major achievement in forcing change of garage access, retention of the footpath and garden. One block of flats will not be built, but too high and insufficient social housing for larger families.

Site E - Planning meeting on the 26th March.

The Cannes Fiasco

Council officers launched Canada Water Regeneration in Cannes last week.

Despite numerous Forum meetings the community was not told of these plans in advance.

But after expressing our fury, we had an undertaking that the draft development brief would not be shown to developers

The New Development Brief

Is in draft form in two documents, the Master Development Brief (MDB) - and the Planning and Design Principles Technical Appendices (PDP)

MDB - is very general but sets out the intention to change the character of the area.

PDP - is very detailed and includes the community vision BUT :

- talks about remodelling Canada Water

- suggests moving the wildlife to more “suitable” habitats

- seeks an “urban high density”

- ignores studies and exercises that support our Vision

It would, we believe, destroy the unique character of the Rotherhithe Peninsula and turn it into yet another overdeveloped town centre.

The Politics of it all

Southwark currently relies on selling off land - your land - to fund it’s budget. By hyping up the development potential council officers hope to raise more money.

The new develolpment brief shows a land grab for non council owned land and pays lip service only to the democratic voice of the residents of the area.

An election is coming up


This Campaign seeks support from all parties for the community Vision.

Lib Dems have formally supported the community vision in writing

Labour have not replied to my last email requesting support although the Rotherhithe branch chairman has verbally indicated support

Tories have gone quiet since the last election

Our Continuing Aims

Preventing the destruction of Canada Water and its wildlife habitat

Maintaining an overview and commenting on any related development proposals.

Preserving the environment for the long-term benefit of all residents of the area.

Supporting residents actions to enhance the social conditions of the area

We believe that the Rotherhithe Peninsula is a unique, green, environmentally attractive oasis between the City and Canary Wharf. Development should enhance this - not destroy it

What can I do to help

Write to your political party and demand support for the community vision for Canada Water

Write to or Email the Mayor, Hilary Wines

Join the CWC committee or our volunteer group



Miscellaneous donations  130.90
Donations at AGM 20/03/01  45.00
Stationery & stamps  67.52
CLOSING BALANCE 31/12/01  108.38

Canada Water Campaign monies are processed via a cost centre within the Time & Talents Accounting Systems. As such they are regularly audited.


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