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Canada Water Consultative Forum: 11th March

Attachment to Agenda point 5

LBS hopes to receive a number of initial expressions of interest on 26th April 2002, in relation to Canada Water.

These expressions of interests will then be shortlisted down to three or four potential partners.

The shortlisting will be carried out in two strands:

  • The LBS Legal Department will evaluate submissions
  • A panel (The Quality Panel) will evaluate submissions

The Property Department would like to involve members of the Canada Water Consultative Forum in the second strand of this process. It is hoped that the Quality Panel will comprise of two (possible three) forum members and two (possibly three) council officers.

It will be facilitated by an independent chair.

All members of the panel will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

It is hoped that the forum will be able to nominate and elect two forum members, and two deputies, at the meeting of 11th March.

As LBS does not know at this point how many expressions of interest will be received, we can only estimate the amount of time the process will take. It will be a considerable time commitment for members to take on board, but we hope that doesn’t deter people.

As an estimate, the time involved is likely to be:

  • 3 hours training
  • 3 days to shortlist the initial expressions of interest
  • 6 days to select a preferred development partner

How the time is managed (in terms of evenings, weekends, full days, half days) will be negotiated with the members of the Quality Panel.

LBS is grateful for the involvement of the forum, and appreciates that membership of The Quality Panel will be a considerable commitment.

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Bulletin 35