This calculates notional prices of items in Euroland in the different currencies

Euroland Euro 1 Eleven European Union member states fixed their currencies on 1 January 1999 and a twelth on 1 January 2001, and (somewhat notionally until the first half of 2002) replaced them with a new currency, the euro and its cents. More joined, starting in 2007.

As the old notes and coins still circulated for a short period (as non-decimal subdivisions of the euro) and many people still think based on the older currencies, this JavaScript page written by Henry Bottomley helps calculate prices in the different currencies.

Just type a price in any of the boxes, and either click outside the box concerned or press the tab key.
Austria Schilling 13.7603
Belgium/Lux. Franc/k 40.3399
Cyprus Pound 0.585274
Estonia Kroon 15.6466
Finland Markka 5.94573
France Franc 6.55957
Germany Mark 1.95583
Greece Drachma 340.750
Rep.of Ireland Punt 0.787564
Italy Lira 1936.27
Latvia Lats 0.702804
Lithuania Litas 3.45280
Malta Lira/Pound 0.429300
Netherlands Florin 2.20371
Portugal Escudo 200.482
Slovakia Koruna 30.1260
Slovenia Tolar 239.640
Spain Peseta 166.386
Other E rate Worth than Euro

This form can also be used to calculate prices for a non-Euro currency. It is important to know whether the currency is worth less than the Euro (including in January 1999 the US dollar and most other currencies, although the US dollar was later worth more, and later still less) or more than the Euro (examples in January 1999 included the UK pound). If this is correctly marked, getting the direction of the exchange rate is not necessary (e.g. 1.25 and 0.8 will give the same result).

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