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Rotherhithe and Surrey Quays, London SE16
Cycle routes map
Bus routes in Rotherhithe
Time and Talents
Canada Water Campaign
Rotherhithe & Surrey Docks Labour Party
Rotherhithe Millennium Festival & 2001
Fisher Athletic (football)
Pumphouse Educational Museum
Abbeyfield Rotherhithe Society
Statistical Jokes
One-tailed version of
Chebyshev's inequality
Mode-mean inequality (also as pdf)
Mean, median, and mode
Probability of rounding errors in sums
Proving Fisher's prefatory proposition
Shape-memoryless probability distributions
Interactive clustering cars in Shiny and a pitch (not IE)
Clustering Euroelections in R
Main CV
DCMS Broadband delivery
BIS/BERR/DTI Trade statistics
HM Treasury Work and Poverty
DTI Regional policy
DTI European funds
IEA/OECD Energy technology
D. Energy/DTI International energy
D. Energy Electricity privatisation
D. Energy Oil and Gas statistics
HM Treasury General expenditure
Lloyds Bank Economic statistics
Pythagoras's theorem
Circumnavigating a cube and a tetrahedron
An optical illusion
Area of a triangle (7 times)
Triangles with the same area and perimeter
Playing more can be worse for better players
A site map
Java and Javascript
Henry's examples
Look and Say sequence
Prime number generator
Prime factoriser
Chase the logo (IE)
Euro price calculator
Pegs solitaire (IE)
Countdown Numbers Game
World map projections (Java)
216 safe colours
Distances on the surface of a cuboid (Java)
Medians and area bisectors of triangles (Java)
Partitions calculator (Java)
Translation of the Beam of Ohanes
Integer sequences
Tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses)
Some multiplicative functions
Alternative to Bonne Projection
Some nowhere dense sets and a strictly monotonic continuous function with a dense set of points with zero derivative
Locked box game (pdf)