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European Membership Referendum 23 June 2016

After David Cameron divided the country, the voting results were:

  Southwark London UK
Remain 94,293 2,263,519 16,141,241
Leave 35,209 1,513,232 17,410,742

Labour IN for Britain

"Britain is better off in Europe. It is clear that being in the European Union brings us jobs, growth and investment. The EU has helped to secure workers’ rights and make consumers better off too. That’s why Labour is in for Britain."

Alan Johnson - Chair of the Labour in for Britain Campaign

Alan Johnson


Promoted by Iain McNicol on behalf of the Labour Party both at Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QT

Surrey Docks by-election Thursday 9 June 2016:

While Labour's vote stayed around the 21-22% seen in the 2014 Surrey Docks election for Southwark Council, the Conservative, UKIP and Green vote shares collapsed. The results were:

LD 1523
Labour 619
Con 380
Green 218
UKIP 187
Ind 10


Will Holmes is Labour's candidate to be your councillor

Will has lived in the area for several years and is a trustee of local charity Time & Talents

"I'll work hard for a safer Surrey Docks and make sure any plans for our area genuinely improve the lives of local residents"
"I'll fight for a better SE16"

Neil Coyle MP and Will Holmes at Surrey Docks Farm

Neil Coyle MP backs Will Holmes:

"Will will be an excellent councillor for Surrey Docks, who will use his experience and enthusiasm to help our community. It's only since we've had a Labour Council, Labour councillors in the neighbouring Rotherhithe ward and a Labour MP that we have seen a more frequent C10 bus service, real action to deliver better broadband and a strong voice at the Town Hall for SE16. Imagine what we could achieve with a Labour councillor in Surrey Docks."

Promoted by R Smeath on behalf of W Holmes all at 264 Rosendale Road SE24 9DL


London Elections 2016:

Sadiq Khan elected Mayor
Florence Eshalomi wins Southwark and Lambeth
and another swing to Labour

In the elections on 5 May 2016 , Sadiq Khan (Labour) had a spectacular victory in being elected Mayor of London, with a major swing to Labour compared with the Mayoral 2012 elections. At the same time Florence Eshalomi (Labour) was elected as Southwark and Lambeth representative on the Greater London Assembly and the Labour Party again won 12 seats in total out of 25.

The details from London Elects of how Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks voted are:


Mayor of London

Lambeth & Southwark Assembly

London wide Assembly


1st pref

Surrey Docks
1st pref

London 1st preferences

London 1st & 2nd prefs


Surrey Docks

Lambeth & Southwark


Surrey Docks


Labour 1,359 1,140 1,148,716 1,310,143 1,239 906 96,946 1,178 857 1,054,801
Con 723 901 909,755 994,614 563 722 34,703 484 668 764,230
LD 323 538 120,005   568 915 21,489 446 752 165,580
Green 240 267 150,673   327 366 25,793 333 398 207,959
UKIP 127 108 94,373   264 203 6,591 256 204 171,069
WEP 50 65 53,055         124 122 91,772
CPA               34 36 27,172
Respect 36 27 37,007         31 20 41,324
CiStA 29 17 20,537              
BF 26 16 31,372         46 29 39,071
AWP               22 31 25,810
BNP 25 11 13,325         20 15 15,833
SPGB         14 19 1,333      
House               15 12 11,055
APP         13 10 906      
Indep. 7 10 13,202              
One Love 5 6 4,941              

Sadiq Khan for London


Labour - A future fair for all

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Local and general information about Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks

Some of our representatives:

Neil Coyle, MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Cllr Stephanie Cryan, Cllr Kath Whittam, Cllr Bill Williams, Southwark councillors for Rotherhithe
Florence Eshalomi Member of London Assembly for Lambeth & Southwark;
Claude Moraes MEP, Mary Honeyball MEP, Lucy Anderson MEP, Seb Dance MEP

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European Membership Referendum 23 June 2016
Surrey Docks by-election June 2016: Labour vote share stable
London Elections May 2016: Sadiq Khan elected Mayor, Florence Eshalomi wins Southwark and Lambeth
General Elections 2015: Neil Coyle gains Bermondsey & Old Southwark for Labour
Southwark Council and European Elections 2014: Labour gains Rotherhithe ward and turns Surry Docks marginal
London Elections May 2012: Val Shawcross wins with another huge swing to Labour
General and Southwark elections 2010: Labour gains control of Southwark from Lib-Dem-Con coalition! Local Labour vote up 125%
European Elections June 2009: Labour wins in Southwark. Claude Moraes and Mary Honeyball re-elected
Rotherhithe by-election October 2008: Labour vote increases, again
London Elections May 2008: Val Shawcross re-elected to GLA with 5% swing to Labour
Southwark Council Elections May 2006: Still no overall control; Labour vote up 38% and 75% locally
General Election 2005 Labour wins historic third term in government! 6% swing to Labour locally
London and Euro-elections June 2004: Val Shawcross, Ken Livingstone, Claude Moraes, Mary Honeyball and Robert Evans re-elected
Southwark Council Elections May 2002: No overall control - no change
Mayoral referendum 2002 - Southwark votes for Leader and Cabinet
General Election 2001 - Labour Landslide!
London elections May 2000: Labour wins Lambeth and Southwark! Valerie Shawcross elected
Euro elections June 1999 - Labour wins in North Southwark and Bermondsey!
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The former Dockyard ward covered the Rotherhithe peninsula and former Surrey Commercial Docks and was the most northerly and easterly part of the London Borough of Southwark. The electoral ward was split in two for the elections in May 2002: Rotherhithe in the west and Surrey Docks in the east; the local Labour Party reorganised to reflect this.