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Better off with KEN

Election 2012:

Val Shawcross wins Southwark and Lambeth with another big swing to Labour

Ken Livingstone just misses London mayoralty

In the elections on 3 May 2012 (details below), Val Shawcross (Labour) was re-elected as Southwark and Lambeth representative on the Greater London Assembly; the Labour Party won 12 seats in total out of 25, up 4 on the 2008 elections. Ken Livingstone was not quite elected Mayor of London. In Lambeth and Southwark, the Lib-Dems cam fourth in two votes and third in another - poor Simon Hughes.



Southwark & Lambeth

London wide




London top-up

Mayor 1st pref

Mayor 1st pref

Mayor inc 2nd pref

Labour 83,239 78,174 78,333 889,918 992,273
Con 30,537 30,498 47,856 971,931 1,054,811
Green 18,144 20,151 10,754 98,913  
Lib-Dem 18,359 15,945 9,946 91,774  
Ind     7,688 83,914  
UKIP 4,395 4,216 1,855 43,274  
SPGB 2,938        
CPA   2,591      
BNP   2,048 1,325 28,751  
TUSC   1,891      
ED   1,075      
House   695      
NF   468      
Ind   335      
Ind   62      

This was Val Shawcross's fourth victory and yet another increase in her vote:

Year   Val's votes  
2000:   37,985
2004:   36,280
2008:   60,601
2012:   83,239



London Elections – Thursday 3rd May 2012 (7am-10pm)

A Clear Choice for Londoners

On 3rd May 2012 I am asking you to support me for re-election as your London Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark. I have also been nominated by Labour's Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone as his running mate for Deputy Mayor of London. Here's why I think you should support us:

Labour is pledging to ease the squeeze on hard working Londoners – here are the six reasons why you should vote for Ken Livingstone and Val Shawcross on May 3rd. 

Six pledges - Ken’s key commitments to Londoners

  1. I will cut fares will by 7% this year and freeze them throughout 2013. Oyster single bus fares will be reduced from 1.35 to 1.20. From 2014 fares will not rise above inflation. 
  2. Boris Johnson has admitted cutting 1,700 police officers. If I am elected, I will reverse his cuts. And I will reinstate sergeants to all 600 Safer Neighbourhood Teams, more of which will be beefed up to a minimum of nine officers.
  3. I will establish an all-London non-profit making lettings agency which, by cutting out Estate Agents' profit, will help reduce rents and provide secure tenancies, and I will campaign for a London Living Rent - no Londoner should pay more than a third of their income in rent. 
  4. I will enable London households to save over 150 a year on energy bills through taking up money from energy companies for better insulation, which Boris Johnson has failed to do - losing London 400m - and bringing in bulk purchasing deals to cut the price paid by Londoners for electricity and gas. 
  5. After the Tory-led government's abolition of EMA I am committed to restoring a London-wide Educational Maintenance Allowance of up to 30 per week in term by bringing together existing funds in colleges, universities, and local authorities. 
  6. I will help families with the upfront cost of childcare through offering grants of up to 700 to low income families and interest-free loans to families earning up to 40,000 per year. I will campaign against the Tory cuts to childcare tax credits and provide funding to create more out-of-hours childcare places at 200 nurseries across London.

Over a four year term Labour’s Fare Deal will save average London fare-payers 1,000, participating London households will save over 600 in reduced energy bills. Downward pressure on rents will be maximised. Families with children receiving EMA can get over 1,000 a year per student. We will work to help families struggling with childcare costs.

Valerie Shawcross
Candidate for Deputy Mayor & London Assembly Member for Lambeth & Southwark

You have three votes so VOTE LABOUR all three times

Ken Livingstone
Ken Livingstone
for Mayor of London
Val Shawcross
Val Shawcross
for the London Assembly
in Southwark and Lambeth
GLA Labour
Labour London-wide Assembly Member candidates: GAVRON Nicky, QURESHI Murad, TWYCROSS Fiona, COPLEY Tom, NOSEGBE Florence, DESAI Unmesh, HEARN Kirsten, ALI Liaquat, MCKEOWN Mabel, MCGRATH Kevin, QUIGLEY Christine


Promoted by Ken Livingstone, c/o 39 Victoria St, SW1H 0HA and by Ali Craft, 264 Rosendale Road, London SE24 9DL on behalf of Valerie Shawcross



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