Annual General Meeting

Thurday 9 March 2000: 8pm - Trinity Church Hall, Bryan Road

It should be all change in the local Labour Party. Dockyard will be no more: the North Southwark & Bermondsey Constituency Labour Party has voted overwhelmingly to approve a modernising restructure of the Branch Parties in Rotherhithe and Bermondsey. Once this is approved by the Greter London Labour Party, Dockyard Ward Branch Labour Party will be asked to formally endorse the proposal that it be re-named Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks Wards Branch Labour Party. Labour Party Members in each Ward will meet separately as and when there arises a need to choose a candidate for election to represent the Southwark Council Wards of Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks. At all other times Party Members who reside in either Ward will be members of the new Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks Branch. They shall elect their Executive Officers, in accordance with the Party's Constitution and Year 2000 Rulebook. There will be one set of executive officers for both Wards. The new Branch, as well as covering all of the old Dockyard Ward area, will also incorporate two very small chunks of the old Riverside Ward (the Millpond estate) and the old Rotherhithe Ward. We will be one of FIVE new Branches created in the re-structuring in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe. Outgoing Dockyard Branch Secretary John Hellings commented after the CLP's decision, where Dockyard's delegates voted unanimously to approve the measures: "This is a very historic moment for us in Dockyard. It is far better that we be named and known as Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks because that is where we are geographically, and that is what we are proud of. It will streamline the Labour Party in our Constituency, and sharpen our campaigning thrust, and hopefully involve our members in increased activities. We look forward confidently to the New Millennium with a new Branch, perhaps the most appropriate way for us in Labour to mark the event."

Why not stand to be an officer of the Branch? It may be a good career and lifestyle move. Recent examples include our retiring Chair, who has transferred out to Birmingham following promotion by his employers. Our Treasurer has asked to step down as he is wintering in warmer climes overseas (he has left our money with us). Our Secretary is stepping down due to pressures of his new work. We would like to maintain our equal representation for women, aiming to have fifty per cent women officers. We also have to elect a Vice Chair and seven General Committee delegates. The plan is that the General Committee will only meet four times a year, once every 3 months. In other months there will be Policy Forums and/or Social and Fundraising events, tailored to appeal to the minds, bodies and pockets of as many members as possible. There are also two NEW executive positions which are up for grabs - Membership Secretary, and Campaigns Secretary. The Campaigns Secretary will have automatic representation on the Constituency Labour Party's Campaigns Committee.

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