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Spring 2001



Canada Water dock will not be filled in. This means that the wildlife, peace and open spaces in the area are safe from developers.

Stephen Lancashire, Southwark Council's cabinet member for regeneration, said: "I'm delighted to confirm that the dock at Canada Water will not be filled in when the area is redeveloped.

"I fully support the efforts of the Rotherhithe New Labour Action Team in saving the dock and can assure residents that Labour is fighting to protect the local environment."

Local residents have welcomed the announcement. One of them, Stephen Boyer, said: "People love the wildlife sanctuary and I'm pleased that the Council is determined to preserve it."

Southwark Council has set up a forum to listen to resident's views before plans are drawn up for a new development. Make sure your voice is heard.

Rotherhithe New Labour Action Team listening to you

Chart of responses to Rotherhithe Rose survey

Kingsley Abrams, Labour's parliamentary spokesman for North Southwark and Bermondsey says: "I will work to ensure that local tenants and residents are central to the decision making process in this development scheme, that the density of the scheme is not too high and that there is adequate provision of council housing."

Canada Water residents are happy with the area

Canada Water residents are happier living there than residents in any other part of Southwark. So say the results of a Mori poll of 400 residents which was commissioned by Southwark Council.

Most people say they are happy with the area the way it is, although those who had lived there more than 20 years are less satisfied than new arrivals. The survey shows a difference between the wards: as many as 92 per cent of Surrey Docks ward residents say they are satisfied compared with 74 per cent of the Rotherhithe ward residents. Mori said this is because there are more social renters and long-term residents in Rotherhithe ward.

Residents say they like living near the river, the greenery of the area and the closeness to central London.

Bus problems in Southwark?

Have you experienced frequent delays and overcrowding on your bus journeys?

Val Shawcross, Labour's GLA member for Lambeth and Southwark, will take up your concernswith Transport for London. Write to Val at: Greater London Authority, Romney House, 43 Marsham Street, London SW1P 3PY. E-mail:

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