Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks Labour Party

July Branch Meeting:
Thursday 13th July 2000

Cllr Steve Lancashire

Bermondsey Labour Councillor Steve Lancashire visits our Branch in July. Apart from being a long-standing friend of ours, a dedicated campaigner on a whole range of issues for the citizens of Rotherhithe and Bermondsey, and one of only two Labour Councillors from the North Southwark and Bermondsey constituency area representing us at Southwark Town Hall, Steve is also now the Cabinet Member of the Council in charge of all environmental issues across Southwark.

These responsibilities include - refuse collection, landscaping, input into planning, consumer protection and trading standards, pest control, pollution, waterways, fishing, you name it Steve's brief is involved.

Steve will be explaining to us, the new prototype system of local government that the Labour Party has put on trial at the Town Hall - the so-called 'Cabinet' system, with a Leader, Deputy Leader, and Cabinet Members in charge of Departments e.g. environment, housing, education, social services etc. appointed by the ruling Party Group, which is us, Labour. The rest of the elected Councillors are invited onto Scrutiny Committees, and there are many other innovations, so come along and learn what's new at the Town Hall.

Finally Steve has always been a marvellous campaigner on Rotherhithe issues for Labour members and supporters. So if you have a niggle with the Council - and let's face it who in Southwark doesn't - come and meet Councillor Steve Lancashire.

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