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Autumn 2000


Plans to build a huge shopping centre at Canada Water have sparked an outcry in Rotherhithe. Angry residents fear the area will become another Oxford Street.

Radical changes suggested by consultants to Southwark Council include:

  • A shopping centre bigger than Bluewater

  • An office block as tall as Canary Wharf

  • Filling in Canada Water dock

  • Limited car parks

  • New roads

THese ideas would involve grabbing all the land for the sprawling shopping centre. The consultants suggest filling in Canada Water, which will destroy the wildlife, peace and open spaces.
Local resident Stephen Boyer says: "These ideas must be stopped. People love the wildlife sanctuary and the quiet, and don't want to see a huge development that does not suit the area. We must not destroy the environment."
The Rotherhithe New Labour Action Team is opposed to these plans. A consultation is underway. Make your voice heard before it is too late.

Rotherhithe residents deserve better

Rotherhithe New Labour Action Team working for you

Rotherhithe will benfit from the right development that preserves open spaces.

Would you like to see:
[   ]  Wildlife saved?
[   ]  Canada Water dock saved?
[   ]  A low-rise development?
[   ]  Quality shops?
[   ]  Waterside bars, cafés and restaurants?
[   ]  More jobs?
[   ]  Better leisure facilities?
[   ]  Social Housing?
[   ]  Support for Albion Street and Lower Road shops?

What would you like? Let us know

Steve Lancashire, Southwark's cabinet member for regeneration says: "I'm glad the Rotherhithe New Labour Action Team has told me about the community's concern. I will fight to make sure residents are fully involved before any action takes place."

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Tel: 020 7231 0908
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