Remember, remember, the 5th of November

You are warmly invited to the
Annual Guy Fawkes Night Dinner
Dockyard Ward Labour Party

Friday 5 November 1999 @ 7.30pm
@ the Mayflower Inn
@ 117 Rotherhithe Street SE16
3 course dinner (including vegetarian choice)
and free wine throughout and coffee or tea

The Mayflower Restaurant is ours exclusively for the entire evening, and there will be a suprise guest of honour (i.e. nobody has yet told the web designer who)

For full details and tickets (only 20 each), contact John Hellings, by e-mail or on 0171 237 2287

After the successes of the Guy Fawkes Dinner in 1998 and the May Day Thames Cruise, Dockyard Ward Labour Party are holding another Guy Fawkes Dinner. As before we will be holding it in the Mayflower pub, where it is said that the ship of the same name set sail some 15 years after the Gunpowder Plot to pick up other religious (a) dissidents, (b) freethinkers, (c) progressives, (d) conservatives, (e) sectarians we were well rid of [Delete as applicable] before crossing to Massachusetts. So the 5th of November is a date (f) to celebrate the supression of a plot to undermine the legal government of England, (g) to remember the revolutionary exploits of a small band of brethren, (h) simply to have a good time [Ditto], and you can spend it in good company with us.

There will be a great atmosphere, good food and drink, and good company, while raising money for the Labour Party.
All Labour supporters welcome.