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Labour's Valerie Shawcross
elected to the Greater London Assembly

In the Greater London Assemby elections on 4 May 2000, Labour showed its continued suppport from Southwark and Lambeth residents by winning the local seat. Congratulations to Valerie Shawcross MLA. This followed the local Labour success in the 1999 European elections. The results were:

Valerie Shawcross (Labour) 37985, Liberal Democrat 22492, Conservative 19238, Green 13242, London Socialist Alliance 6231, Humanist 1261, Communist League 536

In the party top-up part of the ballot, the local results were:

Labour 35957, Liberal Democrat 18065, Conservative 17245, Green 16130, Christian Peoples Alliance 4237, London Socialist Alliance 3305, Peter Tatchell 3241, British National Party 2412, UK Independence Party 1700, Campaign against Tube Privatisation 1264, Socialist Labour Party 1123, Pro-Motorist Small Shop 705, Natural Law Party 507, Communist Party of Britain 486

In the mayoral elections, the first preference results in Lambeth and Southwark were:

Livingstone 52028, Norris 18437, Dobson 15863, Kramer 13139, Johnson 3061, Gidoomal (CPA) 2917, Newland (BNP) 1572, Kummar Tanna (Ind) 815, Hockney (UKIP) 616, Ben-Nathan (PMSS) 469, Clements (NLP) 323

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