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The June 1999 European elections were a disappointment to supporters of democracy and active citizenship because of the low turnout. One major positive point was that the Labour Party list recieved the highest number of votes of any party in Southwark North and Bermondsey constituency, the first time this had happened in any election for 17 years. Full results below.

Dockyard Ward Party member Mike Cashman was elected in the West Midlands and local sitting MEP Richard Balfe was re-elected in London. Congratulations to both.

"This is a tremendous landmark victory for Labour here" said the Party's Constituency Press Officer John Hemmings after the votes had been declared. "The LibDems didn't even hang around for the declaration - they'd fled with their tails between their legs long before. The message from the voters of Bermondsey is clear - they want Labour back. They have had enough of the LibDem's carping negative, divisive and demeaning tactics in this area. Move over LibDems, the Labour Party is back. Take heed Simon Hughes."

The full result in Southwark North and Bermondsey:     Labour 4 649,     Liberal Democrat 4 129,     Conservative 1 794,      Green 961,     UKIP 571,     Liberal 535,     BNP 332,    Socialist Labour 247,     Pro-Euro Conservative 103,     Ind Anti-VAT 51,     Architect-Human Rights-Peace 36,     Humanist 34,    Hemp Coalition 31,     Natural Law Party 16,     Weekly Worker 15 

The full result in London:     Labour 399 466,     Conservative 372 989,      Liberal Democrat 133 058,     Green 87 545,     UKIP 61 741,     Socialist Labour 19 632,     BNP 17 960,     Liberal 16 951,     Pro-Euro Conservative 16 383,     Architect-Human Rights-Peace 4 851,     Ind Anti-VAT 2 596,     Humanist 2 586,     Hemp Coalition 2 358,     Natural Law Party 2 263,     Weekly Worker 846 

London Seats: Labour 4 (Pauline Green, Claude Moraes, Robert Evans, Richard Balfe),     Conservative 4,      Liberal Democrat 1,     Green 1

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