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Budget is good for Bermondsey

The Chancellor’s Budget is good for Bermondsey’s children and young people, good for Bermondsey families and lone parents, and good for Bermondsey’s pensioners, said Kingsley Abrams, Labour’s parliamentary spokesperson for N Southwark & Bermondsey, after Gordon Brown’s speech on Wednesday 7th March.

"Gordon Brown’s emphasis is on children, families, and pensioners, with huge spending increases on education and health. I particularly approve the allocations of between 13,000 and 115,000 to be sent directly to head teachers of every single primary and secondary school in Bermondsey."

Kingsley hammered out the other outstanding points in the Chancellor’s budget for the N Southwark & Bermondsey constituency area:

In addition motorists will be 2 pence a litre of fuel better off from today (3p on diesel), and pay 55 less for their yearly road tax discs for cars with engines up to 1500cc, like Ford Escorts.

Kingsley said: "This package is the responsible and well targeted financial policy we have consistently seen from Gordon Brown. It is putting Bermondsey families, children and pensioners, and their health and education first. This is what Bermondsey needs. It is great news for Bermondsey’s poor, disadvantaged, vulnerable and needy."

Press Release: Budget Day Wed 7th March 2001

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