Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks Labour Party

ROTHERHITHE & SURREY DOCKS DOES IT AGAIN - we put our money where our mouths are.

Once again this Branch has pumped much needed funds into the Party's campaign to win seats at the May 2002 London Borough of Southwark elections.

We agreed to donate 200 to the campaign of the Livesey Ward Labour Action Team. Livesey neighbours Surrey Docks and Rotherhithe Wards and one of our leading members, Vice-Chair Anne Sacks, is part of the Livesey Labour team. The second member of the team is also was until very recently a member of our branch, namely Councillor Frank Pemberton who currently represents a Peckham ward which is disappearing the local government boundary shake-up. The third member of Livesey's Labour team is Councillor Anne Worsley, whose current Consort ward is being partly swallowed up into Livesey Ward. The cash enabled our colleagues to hire a hall to hold regular surgeries for the electorate in Livesey to help residents with their problems.

This considerable sum was the result of our fabulously successful 4th annual Guy Fawkes' Night dinner, staged last November 5th at the La Maison Rouge restaurant in Tunnel Road, Rotherhithe. Around forty diners marked the annual branch fundraiser and the combined profits went to help boost Anne's campaign.

Members also coughed up the huge sum of 500 for the constituency party's election campaign last May.

"Our Branch is very keen on doing more than just talk. We firmly believe that in order to get things done in Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks, we need to be well-organised and well financed. This gesture towards the Livesey Labour team is yet more confirmation that our Branch does the business," said Branch Chair John Hellings.

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