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London Votes 22 May - Londoners are better off with Labour

Election 2014:

Labour gains all three seats in Rotherhithe in historic victory

and comes within 68 votes of winning in Surrey Docks

Labour sweeps to victory in Southwark Council elections

and across London in the European Parliament elections

Rotherhithe ward

Stephanie Cryan Labour 1370
Kathleen Whittam Labour 1348
Bill Williams Labour 1244
James Robert Fearnley LD 934
Wilma Nelson LD 921
Jeff Hook LD 860
Ian Paul Pheby UKIP 561
Pat Lago UKIP 560
Emily Haves Green 497
Eren Ezel Con 377
Pauline Monica Boyle Con 357
Sam Packer Con 302
Bob Law TUSC 109
Mark Chaffey TUSC 88

Surry Docks ward

David Charles Hubber LD 1039
Lisa Eleanor Rajan LD 837
James Okosun LD 780
Michael James Bukenya Labour 712
Charles Edward Stewart Labour 697
John Anderson Con 655
Imogen Shillito Labour 632
Simon Joseph Fox Con 562
Rupert Edmund Francis Myers Con 548
Toby Prescott UKIP 502
Jacqueline Elizabeth Kearns Green 486
John Hellings UKIP 468
Jessica Anne Olivier Green 360


Comparing these votes with the 2010 Southwark elections (which themselves had seen spectacular increases in the Labour vote), in Rotherhithe the Labour candidates came from over 200 votes behind to more than 300 votes ahead, while in Surrey Docks the Labour candidates closed the gap from over 1000 votes to just 68. Thanks to everybody who campaigned and to everbody who voted Labour, and congratulations to our candidates, especially to our new Labour councillors:

Labour councillors in Rotherhithe Ward

Stephanie CRYAN



Across Southwark, 48 Labour councillors were elected in 2014 compared with 35 out of 63 in 2010, itself up from 28 in 2006. [Full details from Southwark Council]

Meanwhile in the European Parliament elections on the same day, the Labour Party doubled its MEPs in London, and more than doubled its votes in both Southwark and London compared to 2009:

European Elections 2014 Southwark   London   MEPs
Labour Party 31,591 43% 806,959 36% 4
Conservative Party 9,152 12% 495,639 22% 2
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 8,035 11% 371,133 17% 1
Green Party 9,710 13% 196,419 9% 1
Liberal Democrats 9,170 12% 148,013 7%  
4 Freedoms Party (UK EPP) 833 1% 28,014 1%  
An Independence from Europe 714 1% 26,675 1%  
Christian Peoples Alliance 898 1% 23,702 1%  
National Health Action Party 865 1% 23,253 1%  
Animal Welfare Party 633 1% 21,092 1%  
British National Party 561 1% 19,246 1%  
Europeans Party 329 0% 10,712 0%  
English Democrats 283 0% 10,142 0%  
Communities United Party 95 0% 6,951 0%  
National Liberal Party - True Liberalism 74 0% 6,736 0%  
No2EU 119 0% 3,804 0%  
Harmony Party 53 0% 1,985 0%  
Rejected Votes 685 1% 25,207 1%  
Total (check) 73,800 100% 2,225,682 100% 8

Labour MEPs for London

Lucy Anderson
Seb Dance
Mary Honeyball
Claude Moraes



Southwark Council and European Elections – Thursday 22nd May 2014 (7am-10pm)

Southwark Elections:
Labour is delivering a fairer future for all in Southwark

Four years ago, the voters of Southwark elected a Labour council who promised to make our community safer, our children healthier and make you better off. Since Labour took over control of Southwark Council in 2010 we have frozen council tax, rolled out free, healthy school meals for all primary school children and invested 326 million to make every council home warm, dry and safe.

Southwark Labour will continue to deliver a fairer future for all in Southwark by:
Creating quality, affordable homes
Supporting the best start in life
Building a strong local economy
Supporting healthy and active lives
Getting the basics right, and
Taking pride in our borough

See the Labour Southwark local manifesto for 2014

You have three votes in the Southwark elections so VOTE LABOUR for all three candidates

Labour's candidates in
Rotherhithe Ward

Labour's candidates in
Surrey Docks Ward

Stephanie CRYAN


Kathleen WHITTAM




Vote Labour

Visit the Southwark Labour site.

European Elections - Fighting for London in Europe

See the Labour Party European Manifesto for 2014

You have one vote in the European Elections:
Vote Labour

Strong, Committed and One Nation Labour MEP Candidates for London:
1. Claude Moraes; 2. Mary Honeyball; 3. Lucy Anderson; 4. Seb Dance; 5. Ivana Bartoletti; 6. Kamaljeet Jandu; 7. Sanchia Alasia; 8. Andrea Biondi.

London Labour EuroCandidates

Visit the London Labour Party site.


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