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General Election 2005

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Kirsty McNeill - the Labour Party Candidate for North Southwark and Bermondsey

Kirsty McNeill

The Labour Party won a historic third successive victory in the General Election on 5 May 2005, with a majority of 66:

Labour 356; Conservative 197; LD 62; NI parties 18; SNP 6; PC 3; Others 3; Vacancy 1; Speaker 1.

In North Southwark and Bermondsey, there was an impressive 6% swing from the Liberal Democrats to the Labour Party candidate Kirsty McNeill compared with 2001, one of the few in Britiain:

LD 17874, Kirsty McNeill (Labour) 12468, Conservative 4752, Green 1137, UKIP 791, NF 704, CPA 233.

Many thanks to all those who voted Labour
and especially to those who worked in the campaign for the return of the Labour Government.


Kirsty McNeill
working hard for North Southwark and Bermondsey

Thursday 5 May 2005
Polls open 7am-10pm

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BRITAIN forward not back

You can write to us at: Kirsty McNeill, PO BOX 43469, London, SE17 2XW
Or telephone: 020 7708 0163
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The choice: 35 billion cut from public services Lowest unemployment for 29 years.  Lowest mortgage rates for 40 years. Longest period of economic growth for 200 years. Lib Dems - soft on crime

Promoted by Robert Smeath on behalf of Kirsty McNeill, both at 17 Morecambe Street London SE17 1DX

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