9 December 1999

How do you want Southwark Town Hall run?

Come and see the leaders of Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark Councils, debate the issues. Should we have directly elected Mayors. Could they be the people's voice against the might of the Council? Or might they just turn out to be Town Hall dictators?

Our current top leaders are coming to Rotherhithe to face your questions and talk tough with you, about the way forward for our local government. Dockyard Labour Party has originated and is hosting this unique event, open to all Labour Party members.

On Southwark's western flank lies the Borough of Lambeth. Lambeth's Labour Council Leader Jim Dickson will discuss his council's experiment with the 'Cabinet & Leader' model of reform, as proposed by the Government. To the east lies Lewisham. Labour's Lewisham Deputy Mayor (Deputy Council Leader) David Wilson will put forward the merits of the elected Mayor and Cabinet model, as his council have experimented with so far - without actually holding Mayoral elections yet of course!! While our very own Southwark Leader Councillor Niall Duffy, who helped us to get this event off the ground, will pin back his ears and listen very very carefully to what YOU have to say. This is simply because as yet Southwark has not made any changes to the good old municipal system of Committees, Councillors, Party Groups and full meetings of Council. We may have been slow out of the stocks - Niall prefers to say "proceeding with sensible caution" - but you better believe change is now on its way. All the decision will be taken BEFORE the people of Southwark next elect their Council in 2002. What route Southwark takes can be influenced by each Party member, if we make our voices heard. That's why Jim Dickson, David Wilson and Niall Duffy are coming to Dockyard. That is the thinking behind this, the Dockyard Labour Party Special Policy Forum.

Dockyard Secretary John Hellings is organising the event - which will be run along the lines of Labour's Local Policy Forums. The conclusions and input will therefore be reported to the Party's National Policy Forum as well as to Labour Group at Southwark Town Hall, and North Southwark & Bermondsey Constituency Labour Party, and Greater London Labour Party.

Voting: 'Before and After' straw polls will be taken to guage the views of the audience on the night and a full report will be released to the press afterwards. Entrance is free (donatoions extremely welcome of course) and venue details will be revealed very soon. But for now these are the vital statistics: Your Town Hall is facing a Revolution - be part of it and make a difference.

Dockyard Labour Party's Special Policy Forum, with the leaders of Southwark, Lewisham and Lambeth Councils, will be on Thursday 9 December at 8pm in Rotherhithe, with Christmas drinks to follow at the Holiday Inn hotel, Rotherhithe. Contact Dockyard Labour Party Secretary John Hellings on 0171 237 2287 or e-mail at

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