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Built Environment/Community Safety/Environment & Ecology v2.1a

The Urban Task Forces "Towards an Urban Renaissance" states that "…achieving renaissance is ……about creating the quality of life and vitality that makes urban living desirable". The relevant key themes and measures concern:

  • Recycling Land and Buildings
    Use derelict, under-used or vacant land.
  • Improving the Urban Environment
    a high quality of design.
    Improved movement and public transport.
    Compact, mixed-use developments.
    Density to balance with sustainability.
  • Achieving Excellence in Leadership, Participation and Management
    Devolve power to the community through an autonomous, empowered local authority.
  • Local authorities need to become leaders i.e. proactive and flexible to changing global, national, regional and local context.
  • Delivering Regeneration
    Facilitate investment by engaging the private section in local initiatives

Sustainability is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Hence the Canada Water Consultative Forum Have the Following Views:


The Council and Canada Water Consultative Forum wish to see a balanced mix of uses, including;

Built Form/Design

Any proposed redevelopment around Canada Water should consider the following :-


Excellent connections within, to and from existing communities is a fundamental issue and consideration should be given to:-

Car Parking

Due to location it is anticipated that development can be car free. Consideration should be given to alternatives to the car including, bicycle and car clubs/sharing. There are though "heavy shopping" transport needs.

See Transport Paper.


This development should fully embrace the principles of Sustainable Development and ensure;

Community Safety

Any development should embrace the principles of secure by design and take into consideration the following:-

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Bulletin 32