Henry Bottomley's Java and JavaScript examples

Look and Say sequence (JS)
Prime number generator (JS)
Prime factor calculator (JS)
216 safe colours (JS)
Euro price and currency calculator (JS IE better)
Countdown Numbers Game (Java and JavaScript)
Pegs solitaire (JS IE only)
Chase the logo (JS IE only)
Map projections (Java)
Distances on the surface of a cuboid (Java and JS)
Medians and area bisectors of triangles (Java)
Partition calculator (Java)

Some other JavaScript sites

Google/dmoz JavaScript Directory
Internet.com JavaScript Source
Timothy Wallace's JavaScript Examples
Intranet Design's JavaScript FAQ
Web Developer - All About JavaScript
Danny Goodman's JavaScript Pages
Doc Javascript
Webmonkey JavaScript
Netscape's JavaScript
Microsoft's JScript

Some Java sites

Google/dmoz Java Directory
Java Boutique
Java Coffee Break
Java Lobby
Java Lessons
Webdeveloper Java
Netscape & Java
Microsoft & Java
Sun's Java

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